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The Life and Times of Daniel L. Cox


Author, Daniel L. Cox, Winning Blue-Collar Hold'em,

Daniel Lee Cox

I must say I have had a really interesting life.  At one time 10 plus years ago I would have entitled this “A Boy and His Dog” as I spent two years traveling through 41 US states and two Canadian provinces in a 26 foot motor home (as well as my first cruise to the Bahamas). I have done many interesting things, lived in and traveled to distant lands, both the culturally and geographically exotic, as well as tiresomely mundane  and boring areas all over the world. I have been emotionally at the top of the world and I have wallowed in the depths of despair.  To sum it all up, I have spent an interesting 50 plus years bouncing along this big, round(ish) ball we call “The Third Rock from the Sun.”

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